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Malika Maria atwOrk

Always creative as a child and passionate about art, a devotion given by her dad. 

After 8 years of art school , Malika graduated with a Bachelor in Fine Arts and Digital video producer.

Her work progressed from paintings to installation art. 

She committed herself to experimental video and performance art and found her true passion in releasing visuals & music videos. 

Inspired by the power of music which gives her the energy to keep on going.

Her work is described as freaky and mentally disturbing.

Characterization as by chaos and reappearance where she puts the focus on the montage as the most essential . Have you ever been to the dark side ?

If not...

Feel welcome.
Malika Maria atwOrk

Bookings: val@rawagency.org

Press Inquiries and information: Pia Micallef ( +32 476 77 03 88 )